The Fallen Banner

Centuries ago, the Halryians came to Aerothos and began an age of ruthless conquest. One by one, the old kingdoms fell beneath the might of the Halryians and their god. And when peace finally returned to Aerothos, the land rejoiced. But the thirst for power can never be satisfied.

The Kingdom of Rhodrien lies between the great nations of Aerothos, nestled against the mountains and tucked away in the forests, kept safe from the worries of the world. Caim and Leila Marcher grew up with all the comforts of royal life and the love of their people, but when word reaches their home of the assassination of a foreign king, the Kingdom of Rhodrien prepares for war. In a world full of schemes and treachery, the Marcher siblings come to realize how cruel Aerothos truly is.

"The Fallen Banner is a must-read for fans of medieval fiction." - Jenn

Knights of the Wolf

Nearly one hundred years before the Empire’s war on the Union, Dmitry Volkoft, a Hrusko-Sorndiran, is forced to take up the sword to protect his home and those he loves. After the fledgling Kingdom of Sorndir is attacked by the northern warriors of Rovaskia, Dmitry and his Hrusko compatriots seek to rid their homeland of the invaders and return to their quiet lives. But when the enemy proves too powerful and the countryside burns, the men of Hruskaya are confronted with an all-too-familiar truth: shackles are a fate worse than death.

"It's clear from the beginning that Nugent has added a great deal of polish to his already incredible story telling skills." - Brett


Fifteen years ago, the Kingdom of Orastus suffered defeat at the hands of the Union armies. For Sir Markard Greystone, it ended his pride and glory. Despondent and forlorn, the knight disappeared into obscurity, his honor and vows only a fading memory.

When the newly knighted Sir Ryan Stalgard comes bearing a proposal, Markard finds himself once again in the world of politics and treachery. The King of Tarys is surrounded by conspirators and traitors who seek to take his crown, and it is the promise of Euric Terathan, the ambitious ruler of Orastus, to rid the Tarysian court of the opposition and secure a strong alliance with his neighboring counterpart. Swords in-hand, Markard and Ryan venture forth with their liege to bring about a new age for the Kingdom of Orastus.

But the king’s blades learn that power always has a price.

"In this tale of Aerothos, Nugent masterfully finds the balance between character development and driving the plot at an appropriately rapid pace." - Amazon Customer