History of Aerothos

In the middle of the known world lies Aerothos, surrounded by Tanbria to the west, Eurycia to the east, and the Shattered Sun Isles to the south. Home to a vast array of peoples, Aerothos has never possessed a lasting peace, for one nation has always sought to bring war to the doorstep of another. And so these thrones have risen and fallen, many being nothing more than a footnote in Aerothos’ bloody history. Mighty Arkedonia was laid low the squabbling states of Heraclia, the Armacians kept both the Galerians and Rovaski at bay for longer than words have been put to parchment, and the Asdanrians fought for supremacy of the sands every day there was a sun to shine over the hot ground. This was the first age known to Aerothos.


Time in Aerothos follows the Halryian calendar and is divided into two eras: The First Age of the Halryians (1A), the age in which the Halryians had not yet left their utopian homeland and knew Aerothos only as traders, and the Second Age of the Halryians (2A), which began with the Exodus of Halryia (also known as the Exiling of Halryia and the Great Exile.)


The Second Age of the Halryians saw the end of the once great Halryia. With the resources of the land depleted, peace failed, and warring factions emerged as the utopia crumbled and a bitter war began for what was left. Whether it was the words spoken by the priests regarding Halros’ demands, or a less divinely inspired solution, the leaders of the factions agreed to leave Halryia in self-exile. Some refused, but all that is known is when Valuron Valtarian and those of power who heeded the words of the priests departed with their fleets, Halryia and those who remained were never seen again.


Many believe Halros sunk Halryia beneath the waves of the Halryian Sea, as punishment for his people’s greed and hubris. Others think it to be a coincidence of bad seafaring luck. But regardless of how Halryia disappeared, the arrival of the Halryians changed Aerothos forever. One by one, the old nations of Aerothos fell as the Halryians claimed their new home.


All of that was threatened when a man known as Kasdeyor Arcos emerged in the rising Kingdom of Valtia at the beginning of the second century 2A. He preached that Aerothos would become a second Halryia, that the Halryians would rule unchallenged and create a utopia once again — and that he was of the blood of Halros himself, destined to bring his people to greater glory. Deemed heretical by the priests of Valtia, Kasdeyor was banished, going to the furthest region of the kingdom, Arcadia, and empowering the people to overthrow their tyrannical lord. And the people crowned Kasdeyor as their king.


The Valtians marched on Arcadia, crushed Kasdeyor’s armies, and executed him while his most loyal disciples escaped to Orastus and Tarys. In the aftermath of Kasdeyor’s defeat, King Androcles Valtarian gifted independence to his two most trusted vassals, and with their three kingdoms, created the alliance known as the Union. Some scholars say King Androcles did this after Halros spoke to him, others say he did it of his own volition, fearing the downfall of his kingdom. Whatever the reason, the result was the same.


The Union crushed whichever enemies stood in its path; whether it be the Galerian tribes, the Rovaski petty kingdoms, or facing repeated assaults by the Asdanrians. It was only in the birth of the Empire that the Union finally found a force which could halt its conquest. Inspired by the teachings of Kasdeyor Arcos, many believe the Empire to be the fruit of Kasdeyor’s words, the truth behind his prophecies.


And it is only in the War for Aerothos that the Halryians will know their true fate.